Dear Colleagues, the Registration is Closed!
Thank You!

Extension of the Registration deadline!




Participation Grant Procedures



Membership of the ICLA is a requirement to present at the Congress

Due to the difficulties caused by the pandemic, we offer new registration deadlines and updated participation fees:

Registration for the congress will begin on March 25, 2022 and end on May 25, 2022.

In-Person Participation Congress Fees:


Regular fee                           120 Euro

Student                                 60 Euro


Registration Fees include:

  • Participation in the congress
  • Coffee breaks during sections
  • Welcome Reception on July 24, 2022.
  • Abstract and Programme, Necessary stationary (paper, name badge, pen), Water, Access to WIFI during the sections.


Online Participation Congress Fees:

Regular fee                           100 Euro

Student fee                            40 Euro


Online Registration Fees include:

  • Participation in the congress
  • Abstract and Programme 


  • All registration fee is payable in Euro or in Georgian Lari.
  • Students should provide a copy of student ID or any similar official certificate.

Payment should be completed on the website. Link will be added on March 25.

Registration fees, once paid, are non-refundable. 


If an individual registers for in-person participation, and later changes to online participation, the difference in fees cannot be reimbursed.

We do hope that the low registration fee will balance the impossibility of reimbursement.




პროექტი განხორციელდა შოთა რუსთაველის საქართველოს ეროვნული სამეცნიერო ფონდის მხარდაჭერით [გრანტის ნომერი MG-ISE-22-170]
The Project was supported by Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia (SRNSFG) [grant number MG-ISE-22-170]