Minor Literature, Small Literatures, Literature in Small Nations


  1. Andrew Ginger - Re-telling the Story: Mainstreams and Margins
  2. Archil Tserediani (Georgia) - Urban text in Georgian modernist novel
  3. Arleen Ionescu - Emil Cioran and Samuel Beckett: Stylistic Proximities
  4. Besa Hashani - Retranslation, Triangulation and Consecration in Literatures of Small Nations: Ismail Kadare and the case of Kështjella (1970) in English Translation
  5. Cilliers van den Berg - On minor/small literatures and difficult pasts: literary mnemonics between the local and the global
  6. Epp Annus - In the shadow of the Soviet canon: Writing Estonian literary histories
  7. Gabriel F. Y. Tsang - Realist Sublimity of the Marginal: A Brief History of Hong Kong Literary Magazines
  8. Jayshree Singh & Simran Jain - Myths and Legends in the Oral literature of South -West Rajasthan, India
  9. Jerry White (Canada) - Aimé Knepper’s Enrôlé de force and Luxembourg’s Mischkultur
  10. Jun Mita (Japan) - Keeping Floating In-between. Shape of Boundary Identities in the Works of Goran Vojnović
  11. Kakhaber Loria (Georgia) - Neorealism in Norwegian and Georgian literature
  12. Liina Lukas - In a Miracle Wellspring of Goethe's Poetry: Comments on the Role of Translated Poetry in a Small Literature
  13. Maria Batorova - Slovak Literature after 1989
  14. Maria Tanase (Romania) - Globalisation and minor literatures: on Norman Manea’s literature of exile and translation
  15. Mariam Chkhartishvili, Zurab Targamadze, Sopio Kadagishvili (Georgia) - Process of National Identity Forging: We vs Others (According to Nineteenth Century Georgian Literary Fiction)
  16. Miloš Zelenka - La littérature mondiale du point de vue des littératures « mineures » de conception tchèque et slovaque
  17. ONDOUA Hervé Toussaint - Les subalternes peuvent-elles parler ? Voix émergente des peuples
  18. Panteleimon Tsiokos - Post-Soviet (Literary) Status Quo and National (Self-)Identification: The Case of the Republic of Moldova
  19. Philippe-Alexandre Gonçalves (France) - Ré-imaginer les littératures du monde : mondial et local, grands courants et marges. Littérature mineure, petites littératures, littératures de petites nations
  20. Sonja Stojmenska-Elzeser (North Macedonia) - Literatures of Small Nations: Macedonian Case
  21. Vytas Jankauskas - Literary origins and historiography in Central Eastern Europe in the 11th-15th centuries: typological problems
  22. Natia Sikharulidze(Georgia) - Galaktion Tabidze  and  Friedrich Schiller
  23. Zelenková Anna - Janiec-Nyitrai Agnieszka (Czech Republic) - Central European path to worldliness or world literature from the point of view of so-called small literatures
  24. Eka Vardoshvili (Georgia) - Literary paradigms of Adam Mickiewicz “Faris” in the world poetry

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