052 - Cross-cultural matches: Beyond Medievality


  1. Bella Musayeva
    Rubai masters: Omar Khayyam and Mehseti Ganjavi
  2. Aygul Akhundova-Haciyeva
    Linguocultural analysis of comparisons in the epics "Kitabi-Dada Gorgud"
  3. Javid Aliyev
    Medieval Sexualities, Transmission and Productive Censorship: A Study of Azerbaijani Translations of the Thousand and One Nights during the Soviet period
  4. Nunzio Ruggiero
    1921: Dante à la frontière. Espace et temps de la réception de la "Divine Comédie" entre les Alpes et les Balkans
  5. Stefania Irene Sini
    Between hubris and magnanimitas: a common topica?  A few notes on Nizami's Iskandar and Dante's Ulysses
  6. Fidana Musayeva
    Otherness in oriental and Azerbaijani literature: between medieval and modern periods
  7. Nizami M. Mamedov
    Philosophy of Nasimi in the context of the unity of man and creator
  8. Inna Merkoulova
    Semiotics of culture and the lessons of the Middle Ages. Yuri Lottman about the literary hero and the reader
  9. Michail G. Talalay
    Emigration and identity: ‘White Russian’ literature in Italy

პროექტი განხორციელდა შოთა რუსთაველის საქართველოს ეროვნული სამეცნიერო ფონდის მხარდაჭერით [გრანტის ნომერი MG-ISE-22-170]
The Project was supported by Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia (SRNSFG) [grant number MG-ISE-22-170]