051 - Comparative Literature and Eastern Literary Theory


  1. Yin Xinan(尹锡南)
    A Comparative Study of Natyasastra And Wen Xin Diao Long
  1. Hongzhang Wang(汪洪章)
    Approaching Cultural Cross-Fertilization Between China and the West (member: / Yes)
  1. Cao Shunqing(曹顺庆), XIA Tian(夏甜)
    The Dialogue between Eastern and Western Poetics and the Oriental Elements in Western Literary Theory
  1. Zhang Longxi(张隆溪)
    Potential Chinese Contributions to Aesthetics and Literary Theory
  1. Yang Qing(杨清)
    Chinese Literary Theory’s Journey to the West in the Twenty-first Century: from The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism to The Oxford Encyclopedia of  Literary Theory
  1. Robert Gafrik
    Non-European Literary Theories and World Literature Studies
  1. Madoka HORI
    Literary Representation for Silence and Chinkon on trans-national poetics---the introspective-ness and talkative-ness of the cases of Japanese “dual-national” writers
  1. KouShu-ting (寇淑婷)
    Wenxin Diaolong in the Works of Chinese Literary History by Modern Japanese Scholars
  1. Yina Cao(曹漪那)
    The Horizontal Development and Innovation of Literature from the Perspective of Civilization Mutual Learning
  1. Ruiyao Zhang(张瑞瑶)
    The Trials of Oscar Wilde: A Process Perspective Based on the Social Drama Theory
  1. Gao Yu(高妤)
    A Comparative Study of Chinese and Indian Classical Poetic Style Theories
  1. Liu Shishi(刘诗诗)
    “ No Anxiety of Influence ”——The Significance of Variation Theory in Mutual Learning of Civilizations
  1. Ma Jintao(马金桃)
    Sanskrit Poetics in China
  1. HUANG XIAO(黄潇)
    Category and Discourse of Purusa in Ancient Indian Literary and Art Criticism
  1. Wang Xiliang(王熙靓)
    Yugen aesthetics in Junichirō Tanizaki’s literature
  1. Peina Zhuang(庄佩娜)
    On Variations of Terminology for Classical Chinese Literary Theory
  1. DU Ping
    The Modern Interpretation of Chuang Tzu's English-Rendering Journey Within the Context of World Literature
  1. Wang Chao
    Comparative Literature, Variation Theory, and a New Construction of World Literature(s)
  1. Meilin Cao
    A Study on the Female Discourse in Alcott’s Work Novels
  1. Shujian Li
    Chinese Culture in Intercultural Communication: uncertainty and selectivity of content
  1. Zhuang Wenjing
    On Opera Studies of British and American Academic Circles in Recent Ten Years
  1. Guo Liqiong
    Research on university spirit from the perspective of cultural comparison between China and foreign countries

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The Project was supported by Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia (SRNSFG) [grant number MG-ISE-22-170]