038 - Cultural Exchange along the Silk Roads: Reading Central Asia through South Asian Representations


  1. Zarqua Adam

Revisiting Qutb-ud-Din Bakhtiyar Kaki’s “Sacred Geography” along the Silk Road through Performance, Visuality, Text


Journeying Across the Silk Route Via Shah Jo Raag: Travel, Space, and Sufism

  1. Xiaoyan Wang

Silk Road Culture in Travel Literature of Han Nationality in Yuan Dynasty——Take  the Journey to the West of Changchun as an Example

  1. Pompi Basumatary

Tracing Material History in Pre-Colonial South east Asia in Southern Silk Route

  1. Rhitama Basak

Safar, Ishq, and the Traveling Sufi: Making of a “Sacred Geography”

  1. T S Satyanath

Pari in Indian Theatrical Public Sphere

  1. Charulika Dhawan

Silken Thread(s) of Qissa: Secular and Sacred Geography of Converging Cultures

  1. Pavitra Kumari

Spatiality, Mobility, and Femininity: Mapping Movement of Pari in Haryanvi Folktales

  1. Abhishek Varghese

Travel as Metaphor: Itinerant Storytellers and Mobile Shrines Along the Silk Route

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