031 - The Place of Asia in Comparative Literature: A Panel on Method List of Accepted Abstracts


  1. Nan Hu

The 1957 Asian Film Week: An Alternative Imagination of “Asian Cinema”

  1. Elvin Meng

Asian Phonocentrisms: Between History and Method

  1. Kacey Evilsizor

Rearranging Comparative Clusters: Chinese and Persian Literature During the Mongol Empire

  1. Jue Hou

Revisiting Takeuchi Yoshimi’s “Asia as Method”: Ethics, Embodiment, and the Ends of Criticism

  1. Yuji Xu

When Late Qing Intellectuals’ “Imperial Eyes” Encountered Asian Imaginations: To Revisit Su Manshu and His Writing of Java

  1. Lingyan Ke

Two Poets, One Moon

  1. Haun Saussy

The Differences that Asia Makes