025 - Characters without Names: the Anonymous and the Crowds


  1. Tong Liu

Image of the Anonymous Detective: Eduardo Mendoza's Breaking and Construction

  1. Sieghild BOGUMIL-NOTZ

Puissance et impuissance de la masse envahissante dans trois romans modernes Le Paysan de Paris, Berlin Alexanderplatz, Die Blendung (L’Aveuglement)

  1. Luca Penge

Représentation de la foule et démocratie. Une étude démographique de Callirhoé et du théâtre grec

  1. Asit Kumar Biswal

(Not) Naming the Other: Altering the Conceptualization of Difference in Lyric Poetry

  1. Guan Rongzhen

Binary Construction of Characters in Death in Venice: Aschenbach and the Anonymous Crowds

  1. Christine BARON

Foules vulnérables

  1. Françoise LAVOCAT

Anonymous characters in French and English novels of the first half of the 19th century

  1. Shalu LUKOSE

Keeping One’s Own Pace; Otherness in the Crowd

  1. Charlotte KRAUS

The "Ornament of the Crowd" between Text and Image: Functions of Anonymous Crowds in Representations of the City

  1. Danqi LU

“Wang Po” archetype in traditional Chinese novels

  1. Yuan Jiahui

On the Identity of Nameless Characters in Abe Kobo`s Novels

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