014 - Making – or Not Making – Sense of Dreams Trouver – ou non – un sense au rêve


  1. Hendrik Birus

The Death – a Dream: The Pre- and After-History of Jean Paul’s Oration of the Dead Christ down from the Cosmic System: that there is no God

  1. Michel de Boissieu

Les rêves dans Les Mystères d’une âme et Une page folle

  1. Sylvester Bubel

Dreams as Riddles and as Interpretation Tools in Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s Short Prose Narratives

  1. Bernard Dieterle

Cultiver le rêve insensé

  1. Manfred Engel

The Dream Effect

  1. Adrian Froschauer

The (Non-)Ambiguity of Play and Dreams in Digital Games (Paraplüsch, Bad Dream: Coma, and LSD: Dream Emulator)

  1. Claire Gantet

Lire et rêver : une enquête textuelle et iconographique (1500–1800)

  1. Franz Hintereder-Emde

Sense-less Dreams Free Senses – Synaesthetic Aspects of Dreams and Writing: Walser and Soseki

  1. Josef Hrdlička

The Dream as an Event in the Work of Richard Weiner

  1. Jennifer Jäger

In the Third Sleep: Kay Sage’s Dreamlike Passages

  1. Johannes Kaminski

The Chinese Dream: National Rejuvenation and Suspension of Political Agency

  1. Theresa Kauder

Romantic Dream Poetology in Wim Wenders and Peter Handke’s Wings of Desire (1987)

  1. Aude Lucas

Deciphering Dream Omens in Chinese Tradition: Cases of Cezi in Late Imperial Xiaoshuo Literature

  1. Jasna Pape

Oneirophobia and Dream Machines: Explaining and Controlling the Dream in Science Fiction Novels

  1. Hendrik Rungelrath

Dreaming of a Sailor – or Dreaming at the Bottom of the Sea. Musically Making Sense of Dreams in Operas by Richard Wagner and Christian Ofenbauer

  1. Iris Schäfer

The Domestication of Dreams – A Comparative Analysis of Lou Andreas-Salomé’s Literary, Autobiographical and Academic Writing [note: the author sent in 3 abstracts – only the second one is relevant; please delete the rest]

  1. Monika Schmitz-Emans

Double Books and Dream Narratives: Novels to be read from two sides by Milorad Pavic and Benjamin Stein

  1. Tumba Shango Lokoho

Doxa et paradoxes du rêve. Ou les étrangetés oniriques dans Le Marchand de passés (José Eduardo Agualusa) et La Route de la faim (Ben Okri)

  1. Till Speicher

(Late)-modern Paths into Dreamscapes of Deep Meanings? (Alfred Kubin, Sylvia Plath, Terézia Mora)

  1. Elena Treiber

Dreams and Nightmares in Artistic Print Cycles by Max Klinger and Max Beckmann

  1. Laura Vordermayer

Dream Reports and The Question of Meaning (Henri Michaux, Hans C. Artmann).

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The Project was supported by Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia (SRNSFG) [grant number MG-ISE-22-170]