013 - Chinese Influences on Modern and Contemporary European and American Literature and Literary Theories


  1. Dang Congxin

The "Chinese Experience" in Gender Studies: An investigation Centered on The American Sinologist Beata Grant

  1. Deng Haili

Exploring the paratexts of Mao Zedong’s “Talks at the Yan’an Conference on Literature and Art” translated by Bonnie McDougall

  1. Du Hongyan

Empson’s Milton’s God and His Chinese Experiences

  1. Duan Junhui

Is it an Orientalist Hallucination, a Sinologist Interpretation or an Aesthetic Commonality? A Reflection on American Representations of Chinese Poetry and Culture from Pound to Ginsberg

  1. He Songyu

A Study of Amy Lowell' s Chinoseries Poetry

  1. Nie Hui

Soong Tsung-Faung and the First French History of Modern Chinese Literature: La Littérature chinoise contemporaine

  1. Ji Xiaoiqing
  2. Jian Na-na

Song of the Dark Ages-Brecht in Exile and "Chinese Role Model"

  1. Jiang Xiangyan

Influence of Ancient Chinese Poetry to the French Poetry in Late 19th Century: Taking Le Livre de Jade as An Example

  1. Jiang Yuqin

On Liu Cixin’s acceptance and influence in American culture

  1. Jie Ding

Transgressing the Wall: Ursula K. Le Guin’s Philosophy of Daoism Potential for Utopianism in The Dispossessed

  1. Lei Jie

“The Chinese Chameleon”——Revisiting Angela Carter’s “New-fangled Orientalism”

  1. Li Xiang

The Wu Wei (inaction) Thought of Daoism and its Influence on German Literature in the 1920s

  1. Jiazhao Lin

Writing China and the Formation of Mark Twain’s Post-humanism in his Later Works

  1. Peiyi OU

The Influence of Chinese Cinderella “Yeh-Shen” on the Evolving Images of Cinderella in the West

  1. Peter Hajdu

Interesting Times

  1. Regine Strätling

On Blandness:  Chinese  Imports  in  Roland  Barthes’  Category  of  the  ‘Neutral’

  1. Ruiyao Zhang

Oscar Wide: As Daoist Sage

  1. Shuangshuang Xu
  2. Davis’s English Translation of Laou-Seng-Urh and the Concept of "Chinese Drama" in Early British Sinolog
  3. Wang Hongyujia

Influence and Reinvention: the "Chinese princess" Judith Gautier and The Book of Jade.


Storytelling as the Way of Translation: The Rendition of Taoism in Ursula K. Le Guin's the Wizard of Earthsea and the Lathe of Heaven

  1. Weidong Liu

A study of classic Chinese poetry rewritten by German writers in the early 20th century——take Bethge,Klabund and Hundhausen as example

  1. Xiaomin Chen

Chinese poetry and imaginings of world literature

  1. Xiaoyu Liu

A Study of the Images of China from Pearl Buck, Bill Porter to Peter Hessler

  1. Xinyi Zhao

Translation and Identity Formation in Transcultural Communicating Practice——Analysis of Representation of China in the First Half of Twentieth-Century

  1. Yejun Zou

From Rivers to Roads: The Depiction of the Chinese Revolution in East German Documentaries

  1. Yibing Sun

A Comparative Analysis of Auden’s War Poetry of Spain and China

  1. Yuan Kaixuan
  2. Yue Qi

From “Chinese Tales” to “The Yellow Man’s Novel”--Reconstruction of a Fictional China in Fin-de-Siècle Europe

  1. Zhang Bing

The Study of Chinese Folk Literature from the Perspective of Comparative Linguistics

  1. Zhou Mingying

Influence of Mao’s thoughts and praxis on Raymond Williams

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